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“The side effects of this new market behavior are many, but one thing traders should review is how they were successful. If success in the past came from the errors of others instead of being directly related to market opportunity, then the prospects are dim.

The type of markets that are in place now are going to remove this source of success, as they really do punish mistakes harshly, and this in tum will reduce trade, and make it more demanding. More people understanding the current climate of opportunity will provide for a better, more sustainable basis for growth.

This is no different from the original reason that got me started trading -trading as a marketplace for ideas. As I look back on my experience with market discipline, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled into the correct path to my future.

Time and continued effort were big factors in my development, as learning new ways to do the same thing was more or less forced on me. Early in my trading career I learned how to determine market discipline by looking at my results, and asking questions.

The markets, being dominated by efficiency, provided a safe environment in which one could learn from mistakes. That environment has gradually shifted over the years to be one that is more difficult to learn in .”

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