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PDF Title:3 Simple Options Strategies – Andy Crowder
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“There’s a huge and thriving market for options traders who want constant trade ideas. They want three to five risky trades each day! It’s essentially the same type of person who buys lottery tickets every day. They get some kind of thrill over the idea of “hitting it big.”

But I’m not running an “options trading service” that swings for the fences. And I’m certainly not claiming that you’ll get rich off any single investment idea I publish. I provide very straightforward, realistic ways to receive more income from the market’s safest stocks.

So if you have those same expectations of constant “trading” ideas and dozens of “big winner” trades every week, I urge you to cancel now. This service isn’t for you. While we expect to present two to four opportunities each month, the trades will not be fixed to some sort of arbitrary investment schedule.

The market will present us with the best opportunities to collect income from the safe stocks we own; not the other way around. Investment success comes from process … period.

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