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“Bull markets are almost always a leisurely affair. They take their time to develop, and usually last 5-15 years. Bull markets last until everyone is comfortable. Bull markets make sure that almost everyone is fully invested by the end—and even using lots of margin (borrowed money).

Bull markets last long enough to make sure that all of the amateurs feel like stock market geniuses. Bull markets feel like a leisurely 10-course meal.

A smooth steady push upwards. Not so with bear markets. If bull markets take the escalator up, then bear markets take the elevator shaft down. Bear markets are fast and furious. They usually last 6 months to 2.5 years. Bear markets feel like a crack in the earth opening up and swallowing you.

In a bull market, volatility (how much the market bounces around) usually stays low. If the market dips (sells off a bit), everyone jumps in to “buy the dip.”

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