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PDF Title:Bitcoin and Blockchain-History and Current Applications
Author:Sandeep Kumar Panda, Ahmed A. Elngar, Valentina Emilia Balas, Mohammed Kayed
Publisher:CRC Press
Total Page:297 Pages
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“Data sharing can be achieved across all parts of the network simply by using an unstructured P2P network in Bitcoin. Security of Bitcoin networks is dependent on the efficiency of PoW-based consensus protocols which allow blockchain to maintain a consistent state.

Blockchain inconsistencies could lead to effective double spending if properly exploited. Therefore, it is important that the Bitcoin network stays scal-able in terms of size, storage, and bandwidth as it strengthens the consensus protocol.

Full nodes are active in the P2P network and help to distribute data. Conversely, thin clients use an SPV to perform transactions. But as a fact, the network still has the general scalability problems of unstructured interfaces combined with the issues caused by the Bitcoin protocol itself. “

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