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PDF Title:Book of Value – The Fine Art of Investing Wisely
Author:Anurag Sharma
Publisher:Columbia University Press
Total Page:359 Pages
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“Successful investing is elusive because it requires putting up current real dollars for an uncertain future gain. Doing so means making connections between actions now and consequences later, in venues (the markets) that are incredibly complex and volatile.

It’s easy to make mistakes in investing, in other words, and those mistakes can be costly. Some mistakes in investing are self-inflicted, whereas others are induced from the outside. They arise from the secret workings of formidable enemies both internal and external.

Internal enemies are our own emotions, needs, and desires, those deep-rooted primal urges that tug at the psyche and cloud the mind. Fear, hope, and greed are as much part of the human psyche as anything else, always present, always lurking beneath the surface.

When activated, they encourage behavior that is as foolish as it is harmful to our own economic interests.

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