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PDF Title:Connors On Advanced Trading Strategies
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“As the funds which short equities on fundamental analysis alone have learned, one needs to properly time when to short these highest-flying stocks. The ADX above 60 reversal method does a good job of doing this.

You need to be somewhat patient as this method is fairly rare, but with the proliferation of momentum-based money managers and investors, ample opportunities do occur over the course of a year.

The best way to identify these opportunities is to do a weekly scan if you have the software or to use Investor’s Business Daily and identify those stocks whose Relative Strength is 98 or 99. This will keep you focused on the correct names to follow and allow you to participate when these crazy stocks collapse.

One final point should be made. Some of the examples showed companies whose stock completely collapsed. In reality, these are more the exception than the rule. Ideally, you should expect smaller moves, and when the home runs occur, view them as a gift.”

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