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PDF Title:Fire Your Stock Analyst
Author:Harry Domash
Publisher:Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Total Page:415 Pages
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“It’s worth learning if you have the time and the inclination. There is too much information to cover here, but here’s a brief rundown go to MSN Money’s Stocks page ( and select Stock Screener.

The screener looks something like a spreadsheet with rows and columns. The rows are initially blank, and you fill them in as needed. Each row holds one search specification and three columns: Field Name, Operator, and Value.

Place your cursor in the Field Name area of the first row and click to bring up the screening parameter menu. Pick a parameter, and then move your cursor to the Operator column and choose one.

Choices are arithmetic symbols such as the “equal sign” or the “less than or equal to” symbol, and the like. Then move to the Value field where you can enter a custom value or pick another parameter.”

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