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“The volatility of the different markets in this sector can vary significantly. The contracts in this sector are highly driven by fundamental developments specific to the commodity in question, such as adverse weather in an important production region, crop results and inventory reports.

When significant news comes out, there may be substantial moves not only on the day in question, but also for a prolonged period of time. This can be very nice when the move is in your favour, but make sure you are able to take the pain when the moves go against you.

Seasonality is also a factor to consider in some of these commodities where cyclical demand or supply can affect the price patterns. The exchanges often have so-called limit rules on these markets, meaning that there is a maximum amount the price is allowed to move in a single day.

When the price has moved the maximum amount and buyers and sellers agree that the fair price lies beyond, the trading comes to a halt and is said to be in limit lock. The following day the price can move the same amount again, or less if the participants have calmed down by then.”

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