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PDF Title:Forex the Holy Grail
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“Technical analysts try to forecast how a currency might move in the future through the analysis of past data. Fundamentalists, on the other hand, look at macroeconomic data-sets to achieve the same purpose, believing that the economic and the political changes of a nation can generate considerable variations on the underlying currency.

The Growth Domestic Product, the Inflation Rate and some other estimations all have a strong impact on the underlying currency, generating large fluctuations which may move the currency towards a new balance.

Central Bankers focus on the most important data for a nation’s economy in order to evaluate where and if moving the base rate, with inflation and employment two of the most studied data-sets, both by the central bankers and the forex traders.

When the unemployment statistics are released, traders will price it with a probability of a possible rate hike or a cut by Central Bankers. When the inflation data is released, traders will incorporate it into prices, while Central Bankers will monitor the statistics to decide what action they might be taking at the next meeting.

Normally, growing unemployment and decreasing inflation can induce the Central Bankers to consider a rate cut.”

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