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“You are about to begin a journey into the science of investment analysis. Many of you may think that using the word science to describe the activities of Wall Street is a misnomer. Luck, chance, or voodoo are probably closer to your explanation of investment activity.

We hope to convince you otherwise. As you make this journey, it should become obvious that investment analysis and its related extensions are rigorous enough to be taken as an actual science. Like other scientific disciplines, investment analysis requires a working knowledge of its basic concepts.

Part 1, “Tools of the Trade,” explores these concepts, with considerable emphasis on exercises that hone awareness, expertise, and understanding of this once arcane subject. A century ago, the task of investment counseling belonged to men of prudence who, for fear of being wrong, usually invested funds with guaranteed returns and did not rely on scientific discipline.

The fear of not being beyond reproach—otherwise known as “reputation fear”—provided enough guidance for these men. Typically the wealthy and elite, they did not see the utility of investment analysis for the simple reason that they did not have to—they were already rich.”

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