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“The locus effect on inertia equity underscores and extends the literature relevant to prospect theory. It underscores the principle of loss aversion in choice contexts where peers’ experience is considered.

It also extends the understanding of the impact of the magnitude of loss aversion on the self-other asymmetry in judgment. Little literature relevant to prospect theory has examined the influence of the locus of evaluation on the asymmetric relationship between losses and gains.

In general, the literature relevant to prospect theory describes principles for choices on the locus of self (e.g., loss aversion on self’s experiences). For example, consumers estimate their experience of pleasure and pain on their own gains and losses, coded as the experienced utility (Kahneman and Tversky 2000).

Estimating the pain and pleasure of others’ losses and gains uses a different angle. That is, the group-oriented choice considers peers’ experience in a choice context.”

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