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“Many of the psychological trading experts like to stress the importance of such traits as persistence, determination, dedication, and commitment. I’m not so sure you can categorize successful trading with a bunch of rah-rah adjectives. I’ve seen too many traders devote their lives to trading, yet lose all their capital.

Then, through determination and true grit, they return to trading and repeat the same losing cycle. I’ve already offered my views on what it takes to succeed in trading: extensive academic knowledge combined with intensive, real-time trading experience, which lead to the development of a winning strategy suited to the trader’s personality.

But if I’m forced to play the gungho description game, the two characteristics I find most common in winning traders are passion and insane focus. Trading with passion and insane focus involves making trading the be-all and end-all of your life. I don’t know many traders willing to make such a sacrifice.”

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