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PDF Title:Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling
Author:Christian Bluhm, Ludger Overbeck & Christoph Wagner
Publisher:Chapman and Hall/CRC
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“There are two basic types of options, namely a call and a put. A call gives the option holder the right to buy the underlying asset for the strike price, whereas a put guarantees the option holder the right to sell the underlying asset for the exercise price.

If the option can be exercised only at the maturity of the option, then the contract is called a European option. If the option can be exercised at any time until the final maturity, it is called an American option.

There is another terminology in this context that we will frequently use. If someone wants to purchase an asset she or he does not possess at present, she or he currently is short in the asset but wants to go long.

In general, every option contract has two sides. The investor who purchases the option takes a long position, whereas the option writer has taken a short position, because he sold the option to the investor.”

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