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PDF Title:Introductory Econometrics
Author:Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Publisher:South-Western College Publishing
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“Multiple regression analysis is more amenable to ceteris paribus analysis because it allows us to explicitly control for many other factors that simultaneously affect the dependent variable.

This is important both for testing economic theories and for evaluating policy effects when we must rely on nonexperimental data. Because multiple regression models can accommodate many explanatory variables that may be correlated, we can hope to infer causality in cases where simple regression analysis would be misleading.

Naturally, if we add more factors to our model that are useful for explaining y, then more of the variation in y can be explained. Thus, multiple regression analysis can be used to build better models for predicting the dependent variable.

An additional advantage of multiple regression analysis is that it can incorporate fairly general functional form relationships. In the simple regression model, only one function of a single explanatory variable can appear in the equation. As we will see, the multiple regression model allows for much more flexibility.”

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