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“To control a property, own it. But you can control a property through use of a master lease, as well. Say you locate a 12-unit apartment building that is poorly managed— as most are.

You consider buying the property. But you don’t have the financial power to arrange new financing, and the owner doesn’t want to sell the property using a land contract or purchase money mortgage.

At present, the property brings in barely enough rents to pay expenses, property taxes, and mortgage payments. The owner wants to turn this money pit into a moneymaker but lacks the will to invest time, effort, money, and talent.

The solution: Master lease the entire building and guarantee the owner a steady, no-hassle monthly income. In return, you obtain the right to upgrade the building and property management to increase its net operating income (NOI). A master lease gives you possession of the property for a period of 3 to 15 years and an option to buy at a prearranged price.

During the period of your lease, you pocket the difference between what you pay to operate the property, including lease payments to the owner, and the amounts you collect from the individual tenants who live in each of the apartments. Here’s how the before-and-after numbers might look:.

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