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PDF Title:Make Your Kid A Money Genius
Author:Beth Kobliner
Publisher:Simon & Schuster
Total Page:303 Pages
PDF Size:6.29 MB
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“The fact that you’re reading this means you know you should talk money with your kid. Whether the subject terrifies you or intrigues you, or you’re simply looking for ways to broach the topic, the good news is that you’re plunging in. Go, you! A few quick words about this chapter.

Though its title might make it sound like I’m expecting you to be a financial drill sergeant (“Now drop and give me twenty compound-interest calculations!”), I’m not. This chapter is the gentle one, meant to ease you into some overall concepts and context that’ll help you engage with your child about money.

Some points will apply, others might not, depending on your kid’s age, interest level, and even gender. So don’t think that you need to commit everything to memory or take furious notes.

The idea here is to put down your highlighter and just read. One final thought before we begin: Money conversations don’t happen in a vacuum. Instead, they pop up at various times throughout the messy business of living.

Though it’s become a cliché, most learning happens during these everyday “teachable moments.” The tips below and throughout this book are meant to help you take advantage of these opportunities.”

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