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PDF Title:Mental Fitness for Traders
Author:Norman Hallett
Publisher:Norman Hallett
Total Page:34 Pages
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“If you’re a new trader, you’ve got to pay your dues. Seasoned traders know this and that’s why we love you so much. Look at your charts, mimic the experts, and buy those expensive trade recommendation newsletters. Dream your dreams.

But PLEASE just keep trading, because as you trade, we’ll be on the other side, putting YOUR cash into OUR pockets. I’m not kidding. So the thing is, you don’t want to stay a “new trader” for long? What is a “new trader”?

A new trader, the way I refer to it here, is either someone who has just begun trading and has yet to make the mistakes of a beginner OR someone who keep making the beginner’s mistakes over and over again and never learns.”

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