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PDF Title:Private Equity
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“Layered portfolios such as those reflected in the rules of “core-satellite” make sense in the context of behavioral finance, which also considers behavioral human aspects in the investment process (e.g., aversion to loss) that are important when allocating portfolio assets.

The MPT only considers return, risk, and correlation, rendering layered portfolios as sub-optimal. The core-satellite method aims to increase risk control and lower costs. For example, the portfolio can be divided into two layers.

The “core” portfolio consists of institutional quality funds that can raise large pools of capital and are expected to generate a predictable base return. The satellite portfolio has niche strategies funds that fall outside of the mainstream (e.g., emerging markets, new teams, and specialist funds).

The core-satellite approach provides a framework for targeting and controlling those areas where investors believe they can better control risks or are willing to take more risk.”

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