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PDF Title:Stock Market Strategies That Work
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“The goal of all trading or investing is to make money. Yes, there are some secondary gains such as the thrill of victory and the challenge of the game. But make no mistake about it: Profit is the one and only goal on which you must focus your energies.

But in order to arrive at your goal, there are various vehicles, tools, and rules that must be understood. We will teach these to you in the chapters that follow. Once you have acquired the knowledge this book will impart, you will need to have some risk capital with which to invest or trade.

Before discussing how much money you will need as your starting point, let’s define two terms that we’ve already used a number of times and which should have been defined earlier. When we talk about investing, we are referring to a longer-term approach to making money the capitalist way.

We use money to make money, but it takes more than a few days or a few weeks. Although there is no hard and fast definition as to what constitutes an investment as opposed to a trade, we will define it specifically for the purposes of this book.

We like to think of an investment as any use of money that is expected to require a holding period of three months or longer. By exclusion then, a trade is the use of money over a period of time up to three months in length but longer than one day in length.

Trading is a relatively short-term proposition whereas investing is longer term. A day trade, on the other hand, is exactly what its name implies. A day trade is the use of money in an effort to profit within the time frame of one day.”

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