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“When a chart has met my criteria, and passed analysis on all time frames, it becomes a BCTW and Trade Alert Candidate: a feature of’s Live Trading Room service which additionally includes all trading instructions — entry, exit, stop loss, and size.

During the trading day, and with additional analysis, a Trade Alert Candidate may become an actual Trade Alert. Crucially, market direction must be considered: the strongest influence on a stock’s performance is the overall market trend. In an upwardly trending market, the probability of a successful breakout trade is much higher.

In practice, one should increase trade size, or exposure, during upward market trends and scale back when the market appears range bound, or in a period of correction.

During uncertain market conditions, it is prudent to focus on defensive stocks or stocks with an inverse, or no correlation to the market. Of course, staying out of the market — choosing not to trade at all — during these non-trending periods, is the safest strategy of all.”

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