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“When a major, industry-wrenching change occurs, money can be made by taking a position in a group of stocks clustered around a theme. Massive industry change can be triggered by macroeconomic events, by a specific product revolution, or by the death of a fad.

When oil prices plummeted, any company associated with Texas wealth was ripe for selling. The Texas banks, in particular, were worthy candidates that reflected optimistic economic scenarios and pricing for months after the oil price drops.

The Arizona real estate decline and the underregulated savings-and-loan (S&L) abuses represented two other opportunities to short an industry-wide phenomenon. Industry obsolescence can also be the flip side of Wall Street’s concept stock-a product change can sink a group of companies.

When a tech toy, for example, becomes passe (like CB radios) or when a product is in less demand (higher oil prices sent recreational vehicle sales into a fishtail), any stock associated with those products is fair game for a collapse. Use a shotgun, not a rifle, for a sector bet.”

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