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PDF Title:The Artful Trader
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“Discipline is not a process of positive thinking. On a rational level, everyone believes they must follow their plans. Why else would you bother to make plans in the first place if you did not intend to follow them?

Rather, discipline is a result of conditioning, and as you saw in Pavlov’s experiment, conditioning is a result of repetition. The problem with repetition is that the mind accepts wrong repetition in exactly the same way as it accepts correct repetition.

If you keep repeating the wrong actions your memory becomes conditioned to respond to the wrong input. “Garbage in – Garbage out.” Discipline is developed by creating a plan and sticking to it irrespective of any variances in the market’s behavior.

Discipline breeds discipline. In the beginning, it is difficult to overcome the predisposed habit patterns established in one’s mind, but after several well-executed trades that are executed in accordance with your plans, the mind begins to form new habit patterns that will reinforce proper trading skills.”

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