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PDF Title:The Banker’s Secret to Permanent Family Wealth
Author:John Cummuta
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“The borrower pays the obvious interest charged on their loan for the car. The cash buyer, on the other hand, is “paying” the cost of the interest they will no longer earn on the money they liquidated out of their savings account to pay cash for their car.

This lost interest for the cash buyer seems like an unavoidable cost of buying things the right way, the cash way. I mean, how else can you do it? Could you expect to be able to take the $30,000 out of your savings account but continue earning interest on that $30,000? Not in a regular bank.

But in a Private Family Bank™ you could! We’ll see how that works in a moment. For right now, just understand that, if you use a traditional bank to finance or even save up for your car purchases, the bank wins either way. The following chart shows us how much the bank profits as the middleman in these transactions.”

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