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“In modern times in addition to being fixed on the actions, phrases, and expressions of the Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan, a trader on the front lines must also watch the developments in Iraq, the current terrorism threat level in the country, and a constant stream of news items from which one’s nerves can be rattled at any moment.

But how does this differ from the circumstances of Andrew J. Barclay, the first known speculator within the original group of 24 brokers that traded under the buttonwood tree? He had to follow very closely the actions of Hamilton and Jefferson because Jefferson might have squelched the business opportunities Hamilton had just planted.

We think the events that occurred before our century moved relatively slowly, but that is not an accurate perception. In a book first published in 1936 and now long out of print called The Stock Exchange by Humphrey Neill, we learn the circulation of bank notes jumped from $11 million to $45 million in 14 years.

Land speculation had run so out of control some people bought land located 30 feet under the Hudson River!”

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