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“Many investors will bid up the stock price of a business when an outside manager or CEO enters the business. These investors believe that management skills are transferable and react positively when a new management team enters a business, especially one that has been mismanaged.

These investors think outside managers can instill changes and improve underperforming companies because the outside managers are objective and not married to the culture. If this person was a great manager at The Coca-Cola Company, the thinking goes, then he or she will be great at operating any other business.

This is similar to saying that a great value investor would make a great trader because both are in the investment business. Obviously, these two styles of investment require different types of expertise and experience to execute properly.

Investors also often make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the support networks these managers had at their prior company that helped make them successful in the first place.

When these managers then enter a new business, they often run into problems because they don’t have that support network, and many fail to perform.”

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