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PDF Title:The Payoff – Why Wall Street Always Wins
Author:Jeff Connaughton
Publisher:Prospecta Press
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“After leaving the White House, I’d joined Covington & Burling, a top DC law firm, ostensibly to practice appellate litigation but actually, or so it seemed to me, to rack up as many billable hours as possible for the firm. I was miserable. Jack’s call was a godsend.

It started a new and very different chapter of my Washington life. In my new career as a lobbyist, I dropped Biden’s name shamelessly. Perpetuating the myth that I was close to him enhanced my cachet and standing in Washington. It was like a political version of codependency.

Biden’s slights could be painful, but it seemed too late to break ranks, even though the relationship never actually helped me when I went to work with Jack. Biden never lifted a finger for me or for one of my clients. Every evening after work, he rode a train back to his home in Wilmington.

He’s a family man and indeed an ordinary Joe. Unlike most of Congress, he hardly ever schmoozed with the Permanent Class. He did the best he could to stay as far away from it as possible.”

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