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Author:George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile
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“The study of technical analysis is such an immense subject that I can scarcely do it justice in one short chapter. Each of these discussions is designed to make you a little more aware that this world exists and that you should be aware that it influences the decisions of some very smart people.

Technical analysis is by far the most complex area of learning to trade. However, don’t let its complexities overwhelm you. It has its good points, but I never rely on it exclusively 100% of the time. I use other tools and methods to verify what the charts are saying and to acquire the best view possible.

Make no mistake you can overdo any kind of analysis so that you begin to resemble a deer on the highway: wide-eyed and frozen by analysis paralysis. Start out by working with basic charting techniques until you get a feel for how to read a chart.

Then start to integrate moving averages into your trading approach. Moving averages are the most popular (and easiest) technical analysis methods used by traders today. Their popularity means that they are a big part of market psychology.

From there, you may want to integrate oscillators into your approach. It is very important to be able to recognize overbought and oversold conditions so that you don’t throw money down at the wrong time.

Just keep trying new techniques and see how they work for you, implementing them one at a time into your decisionmaking process.”

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