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PDF Title:Three Lines Forecasting Forex Price Action
Author:R. Rana
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub
Total Page:128 Pages
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“In order to be successful in the financial markets, many skills and characteristics are required on the part of the trader. An ability to analyze technical data and to understand fundamental influences are one part, but another important part is the ability to manage emotions and to be disciplined.

At some level, it does not matter how much you have studied or how much knowledge you have when it comes to trading. Only one thing matters: psychology (Cabot Heritage Corporation 2012).

The Traders Laboratory defines trading psychology as “the mental attitude that a trader adopts before, during, and after a trade and his emotional response to the market events that occur.”

When the market moves against you, you feel fear, and you may make an ill-advised decision, such as to liquidate, minimizing your profit by exiting a position too soon.

Or you may try to hold on for a longer period than you should in the hopes the market will move in your direction. Successful traders are aware of when they veer toward one of these two polarities.”

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