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“Option spreads are created when we buy one option and simultaneously sell another option. When the two options are within the same expiration month, the spread is known as a vertical spread.

The vertical spread derives its name from the early days of options trading when the prices were posted in the exchange with the strike prices listed vertically and the different expiration months listed horizontally across the top.

Spreads that were created by buying and selling options within the same expiration month were called vertical spreads since both options were in the same vertical column. Vertical spreads are always directional trades.

The trader has predicted a price for the underlying stock or index and a time period for the price move to occur. The vertical spread profits if the trader’s prediction proves correct. But the focus of this book is non-directional trading, i.e., avoiding the need to predict the future price of the underlying stock or index.

A thorough understanding of the vertical spread is important foundational knowledge for the non-directional trader because vertical spreads are the building blocks of the some of the more complex non-directional trading strategies we discuss in detail in future chapters.”

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