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“There are no guarantees that your chart pattern will perform as expected. Even if your chart pattern has a perfect score, you could still lose money by buying too late, selling prematurely, or because the chart pattern turns out to be a dud.

It has been my experience that this system adds value and helps you make wise investment decisions, but it is not perfect. Consider the scoring system as just one more tool in your toolbox of investment indicators. Those triple bottoms with final scores above zero had gains averaging 49%.

This compares to a rise of just 25% when the scores were below zero. Although you might think that performance is better than sex, the last few lines in the table may chill you out. I compared the rise for triple bottoms with scores above and below zero to the median rise (26.65%).

The median rise includes only those triple bottoms for which all table scores appeared. For example, if the ultimate high has not been found yet because the breakout occurred last week, I excluded the formation from the tally.”

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