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“Strengths can derail success if not expressed and fulfilled. Recall Tina, the trader whose family strengths and commitments made it difficult to focus on active trading. When Tina was highly absorbed in the moment-to-moment action of markets, she felt detached from her family life.

This, in turn, distracted her and diminished her excitement about trading. Out of the resulting frustration, she made poor decisions that resulted in losses. A casual observer might conclude that Tina lacked emotional control and discipline. Nothing could have been further from the truth, however.

What sabotaged her day trading were her unfulfilled needs and strengths. Look at it this way: We naturally gravitate to what we do best and what feels best to us. Give me free time and I will gravitate to my lounge chair, a book, and a cat on my lap.

I rarely watch TV, visit with neighbors, or chat on the phone. It takes no discipline to get me to read new books or spend time with Ginger or Mia downstairs.

If someone wanted me to watch a certain amount of television each day or engage in a number of daily phone chats, that would take concerted effort, and I’d likely experience a fair amount of procrastination. I don’t find excuses to avoid books or cats and motivation to enjoy those is not in short supply.”

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